Yana is a young and successful Russian jewellery brand of a designer Yana Raskovalova
Yana brand is always associated with cameos that had inspired the founder, Yana, to create the very first accessory– earrings with ruby-framed cameos. They were the thing that started the story of the brand in 2011 that has already gained worldwide popularity. And today, creating each accessory, Yana is guided by her taste. Each piece is the reflection of the one-of-a-kind designer’s style. Yana is the embodiment of the dream of perfect jewelry able to conquer any girl’s heart.
The ultimate distinction of the brand is the ever-precise attention to nuances. Yana personally takes part on every stage: starting from creation of the sketch and ending with perfect quality control. She picks out best materials, and finds the highest-grade jewelry masters to bring them to life. So, everything under Yana brand is ultimately perfect results of her endless imagination combined with the laborious handicraft. Today Yana collections are not limited only to cameos or tassels, amounting to more than 2,000 items.
Tassel collection has gained wide popularity. Earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets where the key role is played by tassels present in all pieces. Designer is the matchless master in working with totally different materials – precious and semiprecious stones, ivory, wood, Florentine mosaic, and much more.
On the photo: Ring Tassel
In 2015 the Jewellery brand Yana launched its first perfume collection. It outnumbers already seven fragrances in it, each of them being lovely in its way.
Perfume collection was inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of unique gems that they are associated with the names of the fragrances: Flawless, Rose Cut, Pigeon's Blood, Vivid, Fancy, D and Excellent — repeating the names of the stones of the rarest characteristics.
Very soon the collection will be joined by a new fragrance — Pearls in which the note of Lily of the valley plays the leading role. Each bottle is decorated by the tassel pendant made from 925 sterling silver, which the owner of a perfume can wear as stand alone jewelry.
Recently Yana has not only been a fine sophisticated jewelry and a perfume collection, but also a Haute Couture fashion line. Dresses, skirts, cardigans, jackets by Yana are a true embodiment of femininity.
Using thin, aerial fabrics such as silk, chiffon, lace, net and feathers is one of the features of dresses by Yana. In winter clothes more warm materials are used: wool yarn, cashmere, natural fur. The brand pays exceptional attention to details. Buttons made from natural pearls and silver, silver chains, tassels, and cornflowers, as well as perfect stitches, hand beaded embroidery – all this creates a feeling of “jewel" dresses.
On the photo: Dress Yana
Yana is a dynamically developing brand. Now jewelry and perfume can be purchased in different parts of the world:
Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Ukraine, Monaco,
and every year this list grows.